Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My first car accident

My first car accident_01

My first car accident_02

My first car accident_03

I was driving at 85N and a big truck tired was there. The car in front of my had time to skip it, but I couldn't. I lost totally control of my car. I almost flip, but thanks God It didn't happened. A nice gentleman told me that He was surprise how I was able to control my car, than He said I thought was a huge dude driving, then He sow me a little tiny girl heheh He was so worry about me and He stay with other people until the police take my car out from the bushes. Also is sucks that the police was already in their way to remove the tired from the way, because somebody reported, but they got there too late, but thanks again nothing bad happened. After all I remember that I have my camera in my back sit, so I started taking pictures.