Friday, July 10, 2009

Music for photo shoots

Lacunacoil is one of my favorites bands they are from Italy. Metal, Rock and Gothic are my favorites styles of music. I love edit photos and do photo shoots with it. Music give the power to rock n roll!!

Dark Angel

Dark angel
I Keep working hard everyday to make my first portfolio book. I am giving the best of me and I feel very happy and proud of myself. With my photographs I want to show to everybody some part of me. I belive in dreams, and I will make my dreams come true with effort and passion.


I am working full time for my portfolio book. I want to do some crative photographs. Last week I went to an abandon house with my friend, classmate and photographer partner Jessica Cargle. After I help Jessica to do a photo-shot. I kidnup her. I did some make up and cuts in her body. It was so much fun. Now she is recovering from that day (joke, She is fine and alive. I used fake blood) hehehe.

Invitation Card Competition

Environment Portrait Mexico
My photography class had last tuesday the invitation card competition for our portfolio show coming in Sept. 12. We had around 63 beautiful images. We voted for the best of the best. At the end I got the 3er Place. I feel very happy and proud of myself. I took this photograph in my first trip to Mexico City in 2008.